Metals play a vital role in the accelerated technological developments of the communication world. Aluminum alloys are mainly used in this industry, from the fabrication of communication boxes, heat sinks, cellular systems, reflectors, waveguides and mechanical systems for satellites.

Metalitec produces designated mechanical components for the communications industry in a variety of leading technologies.

Our services include:

  1.  Streamlining production processes and/or assessing manufacturing alternatives (aimed to reduce costs for our clients).
  2. Aluminum pressure castings.
  3. Magnesium castings; a combination of weight reduction while also reducing costs.
  4. Extrusions and cooling bodies.
  5. Plastic and metal integrations.
  6. Ability to comply with environmental issues and test a salt cell of 500-1000 hours, as required by the customer.
  7. Production with specialized absorbent materials such as Rexolite.

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